Monday, April 26, 2010

Do it already

How is it that the president of the Republic of South Africa can get away with so much?  Not to mention the cabinet members...  Yes, he is guilty, but no, nothing will be done to him because we have no laws for such a situation?  Bulls..!!  Mbeki was recalled for a lot less than Zuma and cohorts have been doing, but no one has the guts to say it out loud.

Cos you might just get hacked to death in your house if you do.  I dont agree with everything Eugene Terblanche did in his life - but no one deserves to be killed with a panga "•machete: a large heavy knife used in Central and South America as a weapon or for cutting vegetation"  But then again so many people die on farms in this country, soon well be just like Zimbabwe.  With no economy and weelbarrows full of money just to buy a bread.

 "Did you know that President Jacob Zuma's 20 children were entitled to six domestic flights a year at the taxpayers' expense?"  Wow thats one hundred and twenty flights!!  I have only one child (and one husband)  and that is as much as I will ever have.  I dont need any more, and for that matter, I really cant afford any more.  (I'd probably murder one of the husbands eventually)

Thats of course if its legal to have more than one husband?  And if its not its a sexist law.  Feminists Unite!

"If all of them are on state medical aid, something his senior aide Zizi Kodwa is refusing to disclose, the taxpayers will have to foot that bill, too."   Mmmmm... And we have to stand in line, or lay in line if you are unable to stand, for hours or sometimes days, just to get told that no, the doctor can't or won't help you.  Either the doctor is on lunch, or she has gone back to Scotland to avoid the threatening lawsuit.  (You know who you are)

And of course as if the unfairness is not enough, we now have to just hand over our guns! How are we supposed to protect ourselves when they try to kill us in our homes - oh thats right, we're not allowed to do ANYTHING untill we are actually bleeding to death.  Then you may shoot or stab your assailant.


Friday, April 23, 2010

Need Extra Cash? Join Project Payday Free!

Need Extra Cash? Join Project Payday Free!

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Monday, April 19, 2010

Wow this Fifa World Cup is really starting to be a bit of a bummer.
First, building all the stadiums - screwing up Green Point stadium - messing with the roads, getting the taxis on strike because of the bus thing - and now....  Suddenly you can win thousands of ticket in stupid competitions and you can even buy your ticket at a counter!!  Not so long ago most of us thought we'd have to take out a loan to afford a single ticket!

An estimated 150 000 people less are coming from overseas - and Im sure that figure is going to change very soon.  And they want us to believe the only reason for that is the overcharging of hotels and B&Bs.
I think not.  In my humble opinion, Julius Malema and cohorts also have a finger in that pie.

There were some rumours a while ago that FIFA was a bit low on cash, they actually held back on some orders.  They have finally ordered some stuff, but the cheapest version available.  (and no I cant tell you what it is)  Makes you wonder if the rumours are true....

I am not a soccer fan.  (I used to be when Becks still played for Man United, with the little plaits....)
These days Im starting to get a bit irritated with the whole thing.  All the ads - those vuvenzelas drive me insane - everything is just soccer, soccer, soccer.  I wont be going anywhere near a city or town with a stadium.  Our roads cant even handle the South Africans driving on it, how will it look with hundreds of thousands of tourists.  Dont get me wrong - the tourists are a good thing.  We desperately need the money.  But as long as I can stay away from the hype, Im a happy chappy.
Keep kickin..

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

End of holiday blues

Well only one day left before my so called work starts up again.  As always, I have done none of the things I promised myself I would do during the holiday.  Obviously I wont get it all done in only one day, so I am really depressed. I did not even get to enjoy new years.  Crappy party, strange sober people, made me go to sleep...

So now I have to decide which of the things I didnt get around to I will be doing tomorrow, difficult choice.  Should I do the things that are important or the things I would enjoy.  Getting a tan by the pool is out, since I managed to burn myself quite raw in only an hour today.  Very unexpected considering the weather weve been having.   That leaves:  spring cleaning, washing all the curtains, sorting toys to take to Cottlands, or help my daughter decorate her doll house finish reading my book and blog the day away.

Or maybe just stay in the shade and get properly pissed for change.  That sounds like plan, mmmmmmm....
Think Ill do that.

Friday, October 30, 2009


I know they say dinamite comes in small packages, but this one is a real killer.  And I mean that literally.  Irukandji - one of the box jellyfish family. With bell and tentacles just 2.5 centimetres across, it is almost impossible to detect.  Irukandji is the name of an aboriginal tribe that once lived in the area around Cairns in north Queensland.  At the moment they are found mostly around Northern Australia, around the Barrier Reef, but they have been detected in most of the Pacific basin and even as far as Florida  I mean the jellyfish, not the aboriginals.  They are small enough to slip through the nets that have been put up around Australian beaches to keep jellyfish out. 

Which poses a rather big problem.  The sting of the Irukandji is leathal. Symptoms are vomiting, sweating, headache, agitation, rapid heart beat, high blood pressure, excruciating pain and of course death.  There is no anti venom as yet, but there is an curios treatment.  Doctors have started giving Magnesium infusions to people suspected of being stung by the minute Irukandji, and it seems to be working.  Despite or maybe just because it is such an inexpensive everyday procedure.  Of course the first thing you do after being stung, (after freaking out) is put some vinegar on the affected area.  This will deactivate any unfired nematocysts on the skin.  That means any cells that have not discharged their venom.

From 1883 to late 2005, the box jellyfish accounted for at least 70 recorded deaths.  In January 2002, a tourist swimming near Hamilton Island in the Whitsundays died after being stung by a jellyfish. His death was reported by the press to have been caused by an irukandji.   The 58-year-old man had a pre-existing medical condition that made a jellyfish sting fatal. He had a valve replacement and was taking warfarin to thin his blood. After he was stung, his blood pressure increased which caused a brain hemorrhage leading to his death.

Which makes me think this is another one of those H1N1 cases, where the afliction exaggerates an already existing condition.  Over 60 people are taken to hospital with stings every year, how many of them are completely healthy?  I agree that people should be made aware of the dangers of Irukandji.  Especially since its started to spread due to global warming.  Pretty soon a lot more water in the ocean will be warm enough for these creatures to live in.


Friday, October 23, 2009

Crappy code

I am starting to feel like an idiot.  For some reason (maybe the fact that I have never in my  life worked with code...)  I cant get the HTML thing right.  I get the code pasted - but it changes absolutely nothing on my blog.  I must add that the only thing I have ever done to the internet is to upload a new ftp file, and any ape can do that.  Thats apart from email and surfing, at which I excel.

I have never been technologically challenged, and yes I do read the instructions.  Its just not working.......
I just noticed that Ive aparently been struggling for 3 hours.  That just pees me off.  I was supposed to get a tan today.  A bit late for that now.  Can anyone tell me what to do, please?  I really dont want to buy another screen. 

Monday, October 12, 2009

Well retrenchment sucks,  I am bored to tears and I am eating way too much.
Hopefully Ill get over it soon or Ill turn into a beach ball.  The fact that Ive recently quit smoking doesnt help at all.  Finding work is just about impossible.  But hey, the sun will shine again tomorrow,

I finally got around to seeing the Dark Night.  I can understand why Heath Ledger killed himself,  I could hardly believe it was him.  Not something I would watch again.  I also saw The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.  Oh my soul....   Indiana Jones and aliens???  Thats just not right.  I know Im a bit late in writing this, but it was just to ridiculous not to say anything.  That said, my new Harry Potter has been pre - ordered.  cant wait.  Unfortunately I already know the whole story, since Ive read all the books, but its still one of my favourites. 

Well enough about that - the recession seems to be receding.  Its just starting to bug me that every shop you walk into, you get bugged about opening an account.  How many times do I have to say "no thank you" before they get the message?  And the car guards....  Try asking one of them which one your car is.  They have no idea.  But you are supposed to give them and the guy that grabbed your trolley out of your hands and the one that then grabbes your groceries out of the trolley and puts it in the car a hand full of money....

Youre broke when you get home, plus you have to keep drawing cash to have in your wallet for all these people.  And in this country youre not even guarenteed that the car guard wont either steal or help steal your car.  Thats if they dont assualt you. 
Oh what fun to live in South Africa...